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  1. CurtDawg

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    Now these fools FINALLY decide to show up
    Watch they fuck this up in the redzone
  2. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    But Matt Brieda has been running the ball better than Hyde this game
  3. He hasn't
    he's gotten better kinds of runs.
    They give it to hyde right up the gut or a toss where there is no blocking
    he calls the same kind of run calls for carlos hyde and different ones for others which makes no sense man. none.
  4. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    But Brieda is noticeably faster than Hyde
    He can run around the corners better than Hyde
    Hyde is more suited for inside zone plays, always cutting back inside, like what we ran with Chip Kelly
    Brieda can run the outside zone plays better, stretching outside around the tackles

    Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman 9s9 seconds ago
    Brian Hoyer: 28-42, 348 yards, 2 TDs, 108 rating.

    Even though he didn't play well this game, his stats look good
    I guess he bought himself another game or two starting :hmm:

  5. Hyde can do all of those things
    look at every run he has
    up the gut play
    no blocking
    speed ain't the problem it's the predictable plays he calls for hyde
    like you know its 1 of 2 things. same formation same everything no kind of imagination

    hyde has proven if you give him a hole he can run through it and just don't do it for him

    hoyer is absolute trash
  6. CurtDawg

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    Did ya'll really think we were going to win, LOL
    I figured the game would end in a tie, or last second FG by the Colts
    I'm not even mad anymore
    Shit is just par for the course, a running joke at this point right now
    The next chance to win a game might not be until weeks 9 or 10, vs the Cards or the Giants
    Top 5 draft pick here we come..........again, LOL

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    0-5..:sad:..when the season is going to be over??
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  8. CurtDawg

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    Not soon enough fam, not soon enough
    Yet again another losing sesson
    Truthfully we are still 2 years away from making a playoff push
    Next year we still need....
    1. Franchise QB
    2. Starting Center
    3. Starting Guard
    4. Starting Edge Rusher (maybe) ?
    5. Two starting Corners

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  9. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    Fam, they just released him !!!
    It just came across on my NFL Mobile app

  10. Bumpee

    Bumpee Well-Known Member

    Yeah how the hell you go from shopping a player to releasing them in that short of a time period?

    LADYTEE female pimp

    I had a feeling since week one he was gone....remember they was talking about shopping him then.....
  12. Mack1052

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    Never forget

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  13. dtownsfinest

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    Cowboys need to come scoop him up ASAP....damn...ya'll couldn't even get a 7th rounder for him?
  14. The story from management side is that Bowman didn't like missing any snaps.
    Said if he was going to split time he'd rather be traded.
    Kyle decided that it'd be best to trade him because Foster is the future according to them.
    They had a deal but it was to a team Bowman didn't want to go to.
    So instead of trading him to the team he didn't want to go to they released him so he could go where he wanted to go.

    Idk if its true but that is the story they're telling.
  15. dtownsfinest

    dtownsfinest Well-Known Member

    Damn I wonder what team it was.

    LADYTEE female pimp

    Trade him for frank the tank lol
  17. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    I figured Hyde might be next
    ...But was hoping they kept him the rest of the season
    Because both Bowman & Hyde were on the sidelines, not playing in the last game
    Damn they are really cleaning house
    Joe Staley is like the only vet left


    Edit: And I wouldn't be surprised if we tried to trade Armstead
    He doesn't really fit our new system
  18. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    Yea thats what I read on the message boards also
    I think releasing Bowman was a mistake though

    I know during camp reporters were saying he didn't look good
    And in the regular season games he looked slow & was missing tackles (especially in that Rams game)
    But I see it like when Crabtree tore his Achilles
    It took Crabs like 2 years to come back 100% from that injury
    The coaches should've tried to work it out with Bow, let him, Foster & RayRay rotate for the rest of the season
    Then see how Bowman looked next offseason/camp

    I know some players are going to be upset
    We just lost our veteran defensive leader
    Hell he could've helped Foster be a better LB, just like Willis helped Bowman

  19. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    Brooks --- Bowman --- Willis --- A.Smith
    One of the best LB groups in the last 10 years
    And also I'll never forget that 49ers/Seahawks playoff game
    He gave everything for this team

    Messed his leg completely up during that play.....And he still hung onto the damn ball !!!
    I damn near shed a tear when they showed the replay :(
    And bitch ass Seahawk fans started throwing popcorn at him when he was carted off :smh:
    We will miss you Bow !!!


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  20. They not interested in that.
    Sounds like a good plan but they clearly have their own

  21. Makes no sense.
    Hyde is getting 5 yards per carry and they don't even give him the ball enough
    whenever he gets a work load he produces so much
    he ran run any kind of run and catch passes and run as well
    he's devonta freeman and the other back from the falcons wrapped up in 1 power back
    but that's too much like right

    hope hoyer signs a 5 year extension
  22. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    The issue with Carlos Hyde is that, he is in the last year of his contract right now
    Both Shannahans have shown they can draft a RB, in the later rounds, plug him into the system, & still be productive
    So they were never going to sign Hyde to an extension
    He either walks & we get a comp pick (I think), or we trade him for a higher pick (before he gets injured again)

    I know largebills will disagree with this BUT...
    Hyde doesn't quite have the speed that Matt Brieda does
    So when Hyde is playing, we usually call more inside zone plays
    Where the RB cuts up in the A or B gaps (same thing Chip Kelly ran)
    But when Brieda is playing, we usually call more outside zone plays
    Where the RB can cut around the outside tackles, if the inside gaps are clogged

    And spreading the defense out more with those outside zone plays, helps play action passes be more effective
    If Brieda gets more playing time, watch that the coaches will start doing more QB rollouts, bootlegs, & play action stuff
    Edit: And before largebills replys...Brieda ran a 4.38 at his proday :cool:
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  23. Bumpee

    Bumpee Well-Known Member

    They already have shaky RB depth as it is. Trading Hyde doesnt make a ton of sense.
  24. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    It all depends on if they see Hyde in their future or not
    If Hyde is not going to be the future, and we let him walk, we get a comp pick, BUT.....
    Comp picks cancel themselves out when a team signs a bumch of players in free agency
    And since Lynch/Shanny will go hard again signing new guys in the offseason
    We might face the situation where, Hyde walks but we get nothing in return

    On the flip side, if a team trades for him & it does not work out, then THEY get the comp pick
    So if the other team gives us something like a 5th rounder, then they get a 5th round comp, then they basically got a trial run of Hyde for free
    And if it does work out, then they can sign a good RB at a decent price

    We either re-sign him at a decent price before the October 31st deadline, or we trade him for something before the October 31st deadline
    No in between
    No point in letting him play out the season for a team that's 0-5, with no chance at sniffing the playoffs, then leaving therafter
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  25. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    No Reuben Foster? Da fuck? Are they already tanking? :raincloud:
  26. AwwSchitt

    AwwSchitt Star Playa

    Jesus Christ... The Deadskins just drove down the field like it was nothing. :smh:
  27. now look at that blocking
    that aint got shit to do with a rb being faster
  28. pre determined read to a pass that wasn't going to be a 1st down
    this is what hoyer does.
  29. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    :puzzled: Robinson benched? Interesting :puzzled:
  30. AwwSchitt

    AwwSchitt Star Playa

    Can't cover... whiffing on tackles.. I'm not surprised.
  31. Bumpee

    Bumpee Well-Known Member

    Hoyer making them work to catch the ball
  32. AwwSchitt

    AwwSchitt Star Playa

    Brian Hoyer is accurate AF when he's throwing short of the first down marker.

    This shit is hard to watch mayne.

    Hoyer thinks Goodwin is 6'5" tall.
  33. CurtDawg

    CurtDawg Well-Known Member

    More drops, more penalties, more questionable QB play
    Same :bullshit: Just a different day :yawn2: